International Watersports

Exceptional consultancy for the future level of an international and sustainable watersports industry

We are your strategic partner and specialist in realizing your water sport dreams and all associated tourism activities with focus on your success. As a  company registered in Germany we focus on the highest level in diving consultancy, commercial planning and appreciation of an future orientated „All-In-Level“ for water sports industry also at an international level. Our team of worldwide specialists offers you decades of water sports experience with the knowledge and diving skills you need to succeed. Our main focus is on consulting, commercial planning and comprehension of the water sport industry. We are not manufacturer nor distributors but an independent company, helping you with new ideas how to finance an realize your water sports projects.


As a competent and reliable partner, we make a significant contribution to protect, preserve and improve the local environment by applying the highest quality and competence measures.

Our goal is to preserve natural resources and offer tourism within a clean and functioning environment. We strive to reduce the impact of tourism as much as possible and to protect aquatic environments by employing new concepts of watersports. This makes it possible for future generations to appreciate and admire the beauty of the natural resources above and below the water.

Ethical, sustainable  and ecological integrity is a fundamental aspect of our projects. Our goal is to combine this integrity with  a significant Return-On-Investment for the investors, allowing for
proper risk management and investment protection. That way, we create the safest  environment possible for your projects while protecting the environment.


Due to our experiences we are able to help you establish reliable and efficient processes that ensure well-functioning and sustainable tourism activities on a long-term basis.

Guiding you with our  know-how is a crucial part in setting up these steps and we consider it our responsibility to  achieve high quality and endurance.

We consider it our responsibility to guide you with our years of experience through those crucial steps towards high quality and stability in the business of diving.  

We implement   ISO certified working processes for all projects to establish ISO standards.


Top performance through excellent leadership is our credo. Highly qualified and motivated employees are the fundamental part of your diving business.  To attract and keep those employees, you need  a motivating business environment and customized solutions to face the daily challenges with ease.

Creating a good internal network and information flow is your opportunity to involve your employees and prepare them to react appropriately in all situations.


Recognizing arising new opportunities is a key-concept for success.

In order to make your investment projects a profitable part of your business, it is crucial to adapt and implement new opportunities into the current portfolio of  your investment projects.

Integrating innovative ideas into procedures, processes, products and services allows you to prepare your business for the possible changes of the market. It also helps you to become and remain attractive and therefore profitable.

Digitalization has many proven advantages, not only for customers but also for businesses. Rendering your operation more transparent for yourself helps you to identify fields that require attention and stay up to date. This increases the control over your business  as well as  your finances.


Flexibility and timely reactions to customers’ needs and requirements are essential in a cooperative relationship.