Editorial of the Founder

Nikolaus Epple, born in 1960, has been diving all over the world for decades. Originally his curiosity for the underwater world was spurred on by Jacques Cousteau, an explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher and Hans Hass, a zoologist and marine researcher, who became known primarily for his documentary films about sharks and his commitment to sustainable environmental protection.

He is CEO and founder of International Watersports and Tauchakademie Bodensee UG International, as well as Course Director, Instructor Trainer and Course Director IT at various scuba diving and training organizations.


His first philosophy:



“The guidelines of International Watersports represent an ambitious concept with the most innovative goal of creating the best future for our unique underwater world so that it can be preserved for our children and grandchildren and especially for your country, because we have only this one earth. 

This willpower is one of my greatest and most successful force to make my dreams come true.

There is no silver bullet for solving climate change and there is no single solution that is going to meet the targets laid out by the Paris agreement. So we Stack a number of solutions and each of them will have a contribution toward the goal.

I believe it is possible to protect and preserve marine and coastal habitats while supporting the sustainable development of luxury tourism in the field of diving and water sports activities

In all places of the world, the environment is the most valuable asset par excellence.”


Nikolaus Epple in May 2020